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she can get help is to file police charges. >> and now, we're talking about children yo whoa may have an issue, a disorder, mental illness, whatever it might be. >> we have a massive problem in this country and the fact is that the law enforcement system has become the mental health delivery service of fault. there's nothing else but that and real problem here is a fact, that's just the way it is and to get parents, you heard that parent even resisting. you have to let law enforcement in or you end up with disasters like this. the real problem -- we're going to get into in great detail on my show, since we have dismantled the state hospitals, we have no way to contain and help these people who so desperately need our help. there are tens of thousands of people out there like that woman's son, who are aggressive and vine the and need containment in certain situations. insurances don't corner it, there's inadequate resources. parents are reluctant to bring law enforcement in. we have got to do something about that problem and certainly, we should have a system in place that doesn't allo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)